Yahweh: The All Encompassing God of the Universe



Yahweh: The personal name of God.

The only name He gives Himself. It means the self-existing One.

“The name conveys the concept of absolute being, the One who is and whose dynamic presence works on our behalf. It conveys the meanings of “I am who and what I am, and I do not change.  I am here with you and for you.” ~ Warren W. Wiersbe

The One who was, Who is and Who is to come.  Your circumstances may change, you may be on the highest mountain or in the deepest, darkest valley. Regardles… He. Does. Not. Change. And neither does his commitment or promise to you.

He is the creator and sustainer of all that exists.

The Alpha and the Omega…The Beginning and the End.

Yahweh – Jireh: The LORD will provide and see to it. {Genesis 22:14}

Yahweh-Rophe: The LORD who heals. {Exodus 15:26}

 Yahweh-NIssi: The LORD our banner. {Exodus 17:15}

Yahweh- M’Kaddesh: The LORD who sanctifies {Leviticus 20:8}

Yahweh-Shalom: The LORD our peace {Judges 6:24}

Yahweh-Rohi: The LORD my shepherd {Psalm 23:1}

Yahweh-Sabaoth: The LORD of hosts {Psalm 46:7}

Yahweh-Tsidkenu: The LORD our righteousness {Jeremiah 23:6}

Yahweh-Shammah: The LORD is there {Ezekiel 48:35}

The same yesterday, today and forever. He is eternal, true, good and loving and in Him all things hold together.

When you sing, speak or shout “Hallelujah”, know that means “Praise Yahweh.”

In your hallelujahs of joy and your broken hallelujahs… He remains steadfast, secure and strong.

Sing it. Shout it. Cry it out.

Whatever you need today… because the all encompassing God of the universe is here.

Present among us.

He sees you and He knows YOUR name.




*Names of Yahweh resourced from Warren W. Wiersbe, Jesus in the Present Tense.

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