Writing is so much about community and I love to share words with others.  In addition to this blog, my journal and the back of my Trader Joes receipts, I have joined these collectives of people who desire to mutually encourage others:

Trochia | When Home Becomes Less About a Place

Trochia | Pray for Your Pastor

Lifeway Women | Loved and Called

Trochia | How Do We Seek First the Kingdom of God

Trochia | Bearing with One Another in Love

Trochia | Lessons on Worry from the Lord’s Prayer

Trochia | God’s Faithfulness to Keep His Promises

The Thread {King’s Harbor Church Blog}: The Extraordinary Gospel for Ordinary Lives

Lifeway Women | Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Authenticity

{In} Courage: Home for the Hearts of Women | Surprised by Hope

{In) Courage: Home for the Hearts of Women | Slowing Down to Breathe

Trochia | Come to the Table

Trochia | Narrow Way Devotional

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