What I’m Into {February 2014 Edition}

It’s been a long time since I’ve tended to this blog so today I am jumping back in and joining Leigh Kramer with her “What I’m Into” link up.

Okay so not going to lie… this year has been a little rough so far.  I was not kidding when I thought the reason behind choosing the word “fun” for the year was going to be out of necessity.  We’ve been to more funerals in 2014 than we’ve attended in most single years.  Many of our friends are suffering loss, illness and broken relationships. It’s been hard.

Also, I think I’ve come to terms with the fact my new year doesn’t feel like it starts until after our annual women’s retreat, because it pretty much just consumes me the first month of January and most of February. Now that March is upon us, I’m coming up for air and hopeful in a springy sort of way.  So cheers to February and all that came with it:


Sticky Faith  got me thinking a lot about the way we do youth ministry and community in general. It is spurring me on to better and more honest conversations with my boys about faith and being open to new ways in which we can bring their community into ours. I’m reading it slowly and thoughtfully.

Real Life Discipleship: Building Churches that Make Disciples is what I used to prepare for a leadership training session at the retreat. It’s written well and helps you learn how to walk with people the way Jesus did.


I’ve missed so many of my favorite blogs lately but one that I keep up on is the KHC Women’s Blog. We’ve got a growing group of contributors and it excites me that more women are lending their voices to strengthening our community in this way.


My sons are really into Lecrae and I’m just thankful there is actually really good and legit rap made by Christians that my kids can listen to. {Let’s not talk about the 80s and 90s} I also got the opportunity last week at the Justice Conference to hear The Brilliance and Josh Garrels.  This is a point of contention in our marriage because it makes this my third time to Steve’s zero on Josh Garrels live.

Things I Love:

  • Women. Eight years ago when the idea was stirring about for me to lead women’s ministries at my church, I was so reluctant.  I was worried about being with women all the time and having all my work be about women.  Now I can honestly say, my heart has been changed because I just adore them.  I love sitting and talking, listening and walking alongside them.  Our recent retreat confirmed so much about how much God loves and uses women to advance His Kingdom and bring about restoration.  There is something stirring in the waters here on earth and I love being part of it.  Remembrance Community, a nearby church that planted from us had their retreat the weekend before ours. The IF Gathering happened the same weekend as ours and it was good to hear much of what we were all talking about and praying were similar.  This is so much bigger than any of us or our imaginations.
  • Young Women.  We made a more purposeful effort to include young women 13 and up at our retreat this year and it is amazing to see the response and include these women in our community. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see young women raised up knowing who they are in Jesus, with a community that shows them loving Him is way more fulfilling than what the world will lure them to love?
  • Brides.  Several special people to me are getting married this year so #Bridalbootcamp2014 was a day spent on a local road trip visiting wise women who collectively have at least 100 years of marriage between them, teaching us about wifing.  I thought it was for them… to prepare them for marriage and how to be the best wife they can be.  I came home more encouraged about my own marriage and proof that what you pour out will be refilled to you thousands of times over.


  • Baseball. ‘Tis the season and the boys seem to enjoy the game more and more as they grow up. Steve is coaching the Junior Varsity Pirates at San Pedro High School and caught this sweet moment from one Pirate to another on opening day.


  • Voxer. Sarah got me using this app and it’s so fun. 
  • Rain.  We’ve got threeish days of here in SoCal and though it’s raining out our baseball games, I feel for the farmers, so I’m praying for more.

Favorite Instagram:

This one taken on Valentine’s Day with my boys. It says a lot about life right now.


What about you? What have you been into lately?


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