What Are You Really Afraid Of?


I’ve been thinking so much about the verse from Hebrews, “It’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”  {Hebrews 10:31}

I never quite understood the magnitude of the simple fact that God is on the throne and no one is exempt from His reign on this earth.  In these United States, in Syria, Israel, the Gaza strip, Iran, Australia, Spain or anywhere else there is life and breath… no one can outrun or side track the scope of His purposes.

The thing about it being “fearful” is that if you KNOW this to be true, this kind of fear naturally or supernaturally (depending on how you look at it) will draw you closer to Jesus and His mind, His ways and His heart than the other.  This kind of fear brings comfort because it brings you into the presence of God. It’s what compels you to be led besides still waters for your soul to be refreshed while you’re walking in the darkest valley of your life.  It raises questions in your head like:

“God where are You in this?”  Because he promises to be found by those who seek him.

“Where are You leading us?” Because he promises to lead those who trust him through straight paths.

The other kind of fear… the fear of man, fear of what people think, fear of whatever situation or mess you find yourself in.  This kind of fear adds chaos and confusion.  It leads you this way, that way… every way but his way.  It sounds more like this:

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“What will they say about us now?”

“Will things ever be normal again?”

The questions in themselves aren’t inherently bad, but where they can take you if you get stuck in them is troubling.  The first set of questions raises our eyes to God while the second set lowers them to ourselves and what’s in front of us.

There is nothing normal about God.  He is extraordinary and is more than you could ask or imagine.

He does not change but he promises you will.

God is so gracious, so loving, so kind and so powerful which is why He is God and no one else is worthy of that position.

If He is worthy of praise, then he needs to be put in his rightful place which is the place that proclaims His ways are not our ways, His plans are not our plans and they are good and hopeful.

It’s a fearful thing to fall in the hands of the living God. So if we believe that we place our whole lives in those hands: our relationships, our marriages, our ministries, our careers, our hopes, our dream and our fears… when that hand brings correction, moves us in and out of where we need to be and towards his purposes for us and this Kingdom we are a small part of… it’s exactly where we need to be.

No matter how painful, how tragic, how hopeful, how good, how exciting and how stretching.

There is no place I would rather be.

6 thoughts on “What Are You Really Afraid Of?

  1. Sandy Keller says:

    Thank you for this awesome post, Suzie. It reminds me of Space Mountain. Life being the roller coaster and fear making you brace yourself to turn hard to the right but instead, you are sent careening to the left. We never know what lies ahead, but God does and has ready for us what we need for those jolts, twists and turns that come unexpectedly and change the ride.

  2. Chuck B says:

    In the last three years I have had some major life changing events that I would not Mish on anyone. To the point of I was the person that was looking at my own self for all the answers because I was convinced that God hated me and did not care that I was going throughthe hardest point Iin my life. I now celebrate him even more deeply than before because he had people around me praying for my return to my life in him. Even in my walk in the wilderness he was working things out for my good even when I was not only questioning my love for him but also his love for me even to the point of questioning his very existence. Thank you Jesus for loving me that much. To come after a lowly man as myself. Thanks Susie for this post.

  3. Josh Bouma says:

    Fear of the Lord is one of the many feelings that was impressed on my heart after last saturday and the one that I keep coming back to. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We serve a Holy and perfect God in whom there is NO sin. NONE. HE’S PERFECT. HOLY. There is none like our God. I feel like God is purifying his church. Sin, no matter how small, drives a wedge between us and God. If there is sin in our lives, we need to confess it to the Lord in the same spirit as David did in psalm 51. Turn from it. And God, who is faithful even when we are faithless, is quick to forgive. He desires reconciliation and restoration with us MORE than we desire it! When we come to the point of realizing that a Holy, sinless God has every right to judge us guilty, that’s when we begin to submit ourselves to His Lordship. That’s my prayer for KHC…that we are all drawn to that sobering place of fearing God and that, in that place, we would know that God has thrown all of our guilt onto the cross with Jesus…There, and only there, He is the Lord of our lives.

  4. Paula Gooch says:

    How beautifully written! I love what you said, particularly: “…If He is worthy of praise, then he needs to be put in his rightful place which is the place that proclaims His ways are not our ways, His plans are not our plans and they are good and hopeful….”

    Thanks, Suzie! It’s such a pleasure to be refreshed by you through what you share. 🙂

  5. Linda West says:

    When I worship God for direction and also to put Him back on the throne of my life, I think of King Jehoshaphat’s triumph over fear in 2 Chronicles. Also in Psalm 46 the Psalmist says, “Be still and know that I AM God.” A Hebrew scholar I heard said that the Hebrew implies, “Fall back” as if the King were proceeding before you. Suzie, your reflection reminds me of these scriptures and encourages me to worship Him.

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