Trippin’ on Friday

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My friend Linda gave me the best gift this year. New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp has been a much needed, gospel centered companion this year. In fact, she gave the book to me but Steve and I arm wrestle for it every day.

Here is an excerpt from today’s reading:

“So many Christians load onto their shoulders a burden that they do not have to bear. They get up every morning and pick up the heavy load of trying somehow, some way to achieve something with God. They work hard to exercise what they do not have in hopes that they can achieve what is impossible. It simply cannot work. So where does it lead? It leads either to the scary pride of self-righteousness – a culture of moralistic self-backslappers, who have no problem judging those who have not achieved the level of righteousness they think that they have – or to fear and discouragement – a culture of people who don’t run to God with their sin because they’re afraid of him.”

What do you think of this?

When I read things like this, my mind immediately goes to all the legalistic people that drive me crazy. I am less inclined to see how it actually relates to me and how I measure my own value by “how I’m doing.” Ouch.

Here’s how he ends it:

“So stop trying to measure up to get whatever from God. Stop hiding from him when you mess up. Stop comparing yourself to other people, wondering if God loves you less because you’re not as “good” as them. Stop naming the good things you do as righteousness that not only gets you closer to God, but also proves to others that you are. Just stop asking the law to do what only grace can achieve, and start resting in the fact that you don’t have any moral bills due because Jesus paid them all on the cross. And when you sin, don’t pretend you didn’t, don’t panic, and don’t hide. Run to Jesus and receive mercy in your time of need, the kind of mercy he paid for you to have.”

How do you measure yourself? Is it with the measuring stick of grace or the law? Or comparison to those around you?

Do you know how beloved you are – just as you are?



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