The Christmas Card

Dear Friends & Family,

This year, we had to surrender what I love most about Christmas.  The Christmas Card.  In my refusal to get caught up in all things stressful, I had to let it go this time. It was hard because my absolute favorite thing about Christmas is receiving YOUR cards in the mail.

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Every day, we run to the mailbox and look through the photos, read your updates and cherish your words.  We hold on to your cards all year-long and on the nights we actually have dinner together as a family, we choose one and pray for yours.

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Maybe next year we will return to print cards.  For this year, from us to you… we wish you all the hope, peace, joy and love that IS Christmas.


We’ve had a really fun year growing with these boys.





Jason is now 12 and will be 13 in April.  He is growing in faithfulness and is becoming a solid young man. He loves to surf, play baseball and though he will tell you he doesn’t enjoy 7th grade… he is doing really well. His favorite things to do are hang out at youth group, listening to music and keeping up with his friends.

SilasRS SeriousSilasRS

Silas entered into the double digits by turning 10 this year.  Our family tradition for turning 10 is having a “man dinner” where the 10-year-old invites a group of men of his choosing to come and speak blessings over his life. Each person who came is special to Silas {and us} in his own way. They spoke of his compassion, his ability to know how others are feeling, the way he cares for his family and of course his creativity.  Silas is doing well in 4th grade and becoming more and more independent. He loves to create with legos, paints, paper, markers or anything he gets his hands on.


Judah is 8 and continues to delight us with his wildcard ways. He is funny and charming and has a heart so big you can’t help but squeeze him. He loves being a big brother and plays so well with Nathan. He finds a best friend every where he goes and every night asks the question, “Is someone coming over for dinner?”  He loves being surrounded by people and helping in the kitchen.  Judah works hard and loves to learn in 3rd grade. He also plays hard at baseball and basketball and of course any video game he can get his hands on.






Nathan “The Bonus” is now 2 1/2 and keeping us on our toes.  We love seeing him discover life and he brings so much joy to us. His vocabulary increases daily and he enjoys playing with friends, “eat time,” and his “choo choos.”  He loves his “bobos” the most and tries very hard to join in with whatever they are doing. This year, he is anticipating the arrival of “The Big Ho Ho Guy” while learning about the Baby Jesus who loves him and you. 




We celebrated 15 years of marriage this year and are thankful to say it keeps getting better.  I had the gift of a sabbatical all summer long so we enjoyed a little time away courtesy of Papa and Gigi and our Nugents.  We also had a great time as a family in Carlsbad, Mammoth and long days at the beach.  Steve has been enjoying Stand Up Paddling and works in a few “board meetings” here and there while he works hard at Men’s Ministry and coaching San Pedro High School baseball.  After a nice break, I realized how much I love ministry and what a gift it is to be able to be with my family and do something I love at the same time.

This Christmas we celebrate Jesus who came as a baby and still promises:What’s more, I am with you, and I will protect you wherever you go. One day I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have finished giving you everything I have promised you.”  {Genesis 28:15}

As we hold on to this promise, we pray you and yours would know the fullness of his love and this hope that remains with you also.

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*All photos courtesy of Emily Cannon Photography*

6 thoughts on “The Christmas Card

  1. Jill Birkmann says:

    This is so sweet Suzie, what a lovely and fun thing to open this Christmas Day. I loved getting to know your family a little more!! Have a wonderful holiday, Love, Jill

  2. Diana hanshaw says:

    Thank you for this great Christmas card and getting to know you and your family a little better. Suzie thank you for all the work you do in ministry and being available for all us women.

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