Proverbs 16:9

Sweet baby boy of mine…

How did I not know how much I would love you?

Or how much we needed you to complete our family?

Or what blessings would come with your impending birth?

Or how much fun we would have with you?


So while you are tiny enough to hold close to my heart…

Your dad and I have begun to pray a prayer that will continue throughout your life.

That wherever you go, whatever you will do, you will know and trust that God has gone before you.

That your eyes would be fixed on Him.

And you would live out the meaning of your name and continue to be a “gift” to all those you love, play with, work with, influence, lead and follow.

And know that you are loved as you are, fully welcomed and cherished forever and ever…


Nathan Matthew Lind photographed by Sabrina Paige Photography


12 thoughts on “Proverbs 16:9

  1. Marie Constable says:

    Oh, how you have been blessed! To be a mother of boys becoming men is a high, high calling. I look at these pictures and see fullness…fullness increasing as they grow and become. You are so rich. Enjoy!!!!!

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