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For some reason this year, I’ve tried to stay away from creating a list of New Years resolutions.

Maybe it’s because of our church’s goal to go “deeper” rather than “wider,” or maybe it’s just that I’m tired. One thing that has been inspiring are the posts from some bloggers I love, encouraging others to focus on one word for 2011.

While preparing for Christmas, one Scripture popped out at me, a familiar one we’ve all heard before and it’s stayed with me since the middle of November.

“Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace to all men on whom His favor rests.” Luke 2:14


To all men on whom His favor rests. This peace is some thing the Bible has promised that I have already received. As a believer, His favor rests on me. So this year, I will go forth in peace.

This year, like all years, holds a lot of unknowns.  But I’m choosing peace instead of anxiety. Choosing to trust God rather than worry. Easier said than done… it will require discipline. Being in the Word {for me and not others}, prayer in the tenuous moments, and maybe even some fasting.

What about you? Do you have a word you would like to focus on this year? Have you already look for best gift for boys?

30 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Elizabeth Esther says:

    Every time I hear a church talk about going deeper rather than wider, I break out in hives. ;-P But I digress. I LOVE your word. I will be thinking of you often this year! And wait. I’m not on your “great blogs” list? *waaaaaaah* 😉

  2. Alex French says:

    Hope is my word for the year. Its one I tend to place in worldly things and lose focus on what really is our true hope…

  3. Alece says:

    i love this, suzie.

    a couple years ago, i got the hebrew word “shalom” tattooed on my wrist. that beautiful word which we’ve always translated simply as “peace” means so much more. directly translated it means “nothing missing, nothing broken.” wholeness. completeness. when i think about peace in that way, it seems to make sense in whole different way. verses about peace take on a whole new meaning for me.

    i pray this year you feel His peace—His wholeness filling up your brokenness—in amazing, life-changing ways.

  4. sara arellano says:

    My one word for the yr is Expectation. God is the sovereign Lord who sits above the circle of the earth and HE has given many promises. LOOK for them, they are there waiting for us.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Good word – praying for you. God gave me a word this year and it’s never happened to me before – he gave me the word manna and I am looking forward to what the year has in store for us.

  6. Jaimie Bowman says:

    Every Christmas I feel God give me a word for the coming year that will describe what that year will be like for us. This year I feel 2011 will be a year of “change”. Not sure what that all means, but I’m excited about it!

  7. Stacey Bach says:

    Suz, Every year the Bach family chooses a word. Dave’s folks started this 10 years ago as a way for them to pray for us. We choose a word that describes God or is of His character. We choose it for ourselves and for our children. Then, we all commit to praying that word in our family’s life as the year goes on. Thru the years I’ve chosen peace, patience, love, Word, etc. This year, it’s Emmanuel-God With Us for me. In all I do, I pray that this year I see, recognize and appreciate God With Me in each step I take. The beautiful part is my Mother in law then compiles scripture verses that encompass each of our “words” and sends those to us as well. They sit down each morning and pray that word for all 20 members of the family. Amazing and beautiful! I will be praying peace for you this year Suz!

    • Hemmed In says:

      That is so awesome Stacey. What a great tradition and leave it to Marlene to help you guys follow through and pray it out for the year. That’s really inspiring. I will pray for you as well. Emmanuel – God with us!

  8. Kim Aldrich says:

    Hmm…just one word? That’s a toughie…

    How about FULFILLMENT…with a double meaning. He fulfills all His promises and plans in HIS due time…& He Himself is our fulfillment, if we let Him be. (something I’m relearning this year…)

    Love, Kim

    P.S. Hey, I’m not on your blog list either 😀

  9. Prudence says:

    I think peace is one of the tougher words I’ve seen. It’s up there with trust. Last year trust ended up being my word because fear decided it was going to be my word. Praying you rest in His peace no matter what 2011 brings.

    My word this year is grace.

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