My Journey as a Woman in Ministry

Several years ago I was part of a collective of women in ministry leaders here in the South Bay who gathered for fellowship, encouragement and to develop unity among the Church.  It was through this group that I became friends with Katherine Willis Pershey who at the time was the solo pastor of the Disciples of Christ Church in Redondo Beach.

We became fast friends because not only do we both love Jesus and His Church but also because we are wives, we are moms, we love to bake bread, cook good meals and write (among many other things).  She has been one of my greatest encouragements in writing and growing in my faith and leadership even though she moved to the mid-west shortly after we started up our friendship.  The gift of friendship with Katherine has taught me so much about being the body of Christ and realizing that even when there are some things we see differently, the main thing is the main thing and friends can teach you a lot about a whole lot of things ranging from french bread recipes to gun control.

If you are a woman in ministry, you should definitely read her book, Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family. It will make you laugh and cry and realize you are not as abnormal as you think you are.

Today, I’m telling part of my story on Katherine’s blog where she hosts a weekly Women in Ministry series.  The series is a collection of guest posts that aims to provide an alternative to the women in ministry debates by telling the stories of women in ministry and encourage women to explore their God-given callings.  If you’d like to read it, go on over there and read some of her other posts as well!



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  1. Jill says:

    Lovely to visualize your meeting with the elders. Must have been so encouraging for you. King’s Harbor is a great church!

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