Looking Back and Looking Forward: Be {In} Couraged

Today is my first day of re-entry after a ten week sabbatical.  For a while there, I was worried nothing profound had happened to me.  I didn’t have any new revelations about life, hadn’t experienced anything new, hardly accomplished my writing goals.  In fact creativity seemed to be taking a break as well.  I didn’t feel changed in any way. Then last week, I came across this:

“And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” {Mark 2:27}

Ohhhh. I think I get it now.

So I wasn’t supposed to do anything?

God is funny in His timing because I wrote a post for {In} Courage the first week and it was scheduled to post today.  As I read it, I realize, the most profound thing was simply being able to slow down… breath… and unravel some of the chaos in my heart.  That was not so easy.

May I ask you to pray for and with me as life picks back up a little more today?  Would you pray I can keep this slowness in my heart so I don’t run from the things I’m supposed to be learning? Thanks.

Life moves us quickly from here to there and it’s easy to skirt over things we don’t want to come to terms with. We put off messes too difficult to talk about, hoping someone or something will show up unexpectedly to make everything better, until one day there is no more room to hide.

I shove my messes in a closet thinking, “I’ll deal with this later.” If you can’t see the mess on the outside, there is a momentary sense of relief and deception of it no longer being there. Then one day, the inevitable happens. There is no longer space for shoving, hiding or sweeping under the rugs. Eventually what’s hidden must come out and the messes must be dealt with accordingly. Most of the time, it’s me. I am the mess.

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward: Be {In} Couraged

  1. nataliedeyoung says:

    Ha! “So I wasn’t supposed to do anything?” That’s me, too. I was on vacation last week, and when I got back I felt like I had to tell people how productive it was. Vacation, productive. Something is seriously wrong with us humans. 😉

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