Learning to Pray

Yesterday, I spent the morning with the Gatekeepers of the South Bay. This is a monthly gathering of some really wonderful pastors from different churches in our community. Every month I am encouraged and inspired by their leadership and heart for the Church. It is by far, one of my favorite  days of “work.”

In our conversation yesterday, some were sharing their love for the early church fathers, particularly the Puritans. I came home inspired to bust out The Valley of Vision, a collection of prayers from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, used to encourage the readers personal prayer life.

Before I even got to the prayers, I read this in the preface by Arthur Bennett:

“The soul learns to pray by praying; for prayer is communion with a transcendent and immanent God who on the ground of his nature and attributes calls forth all the powers of the redeemed soul in acts of total adoration and dedication.”

How have you learned to pray?

2 thoughts on “Learning to Pray

  1. Hemmed In says:

    Thank you Helen. How do you read the Valley of Vision? Daily? Weekly? When you need help praying? On a necessary basis? I’m curious how it has inspired others.

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