I’ve posted a few links to websites where there still seems to be a lot of fresh information flowing from Iran.  Unfortunately, America has been swept up in the sad and untimely death of Michael Jackson.  While I was a huge MJ fan at one point in my life, it’s heartbreaking to see how easily our country’s passion has been swept away from the cruelty and sufferings of the Iranian people.  That’s all I’m going to say.  I think. 

Will you please join me in keeping up and continuing to pray?  If so, follow the links on the sidebar for more information.  By staying on line, sharing stories via websites, blogs and twitter, it encourages those who are literally being imprisoned in their country.  They have limited access to the outside world…limited phone conversations, internet access…everything is monitored and nothing is safe.  But we can let them know we hear them, we are praying for them, we still have hope.

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