High Calling Blogs

I’ve been lurking around High Calling Blogs for a couple of months and have also enjoyed getting to know a few of their editors and writers. It’s a great community of people who use their blogs for encouraging others in matters of faith, culture, work, family, attitude and leadership. Like any community, you will find people and ideas you will agree with and some you won’t. If you are interesting in blogging, writing, reading about people’s interactions with Jesus, experiences in churches and causes they are fighting for, you may find something you like.

Some of my favorites so far are Ann Kroeker, Dan King, Ann Voskamp, and Cheryl Smith.

3 thoughts on “High Calling Blogs

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    “Lurking” is such a funny word. I conjure up images of you looking like Lurch from I forget what old TV show. But of course, that’s not the case. Just my warped brain.

    I’m so glad you joined the network. It’s great to have you with us!

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