What Would Happen If We Realized Everything Is On Loan?

This passage is often referenced in sermons, teachings and writings about giving. It refers to the fact everything we posses belongs to LORD and was given to us by Him in the first place. It helps to think about this when we are praying for God’s provision and his peace and when it comes to giving away our money or begging God to provide what we need.

Today I thought about how God may want me to approach this truth in other ways as well. When I think about the areas in my life where I struggle with peace and wonder:

What if I really took to heart what I said at the baby dedications of all four of my kids that they do not belong to me? What if every day I looked at them and acknowledged they have always belonged to the LORD and I’m just borrowing them for a few short years with some very long days attached to them? Would I be less worried about their hearts and minds and more trusting in the God who has said he authors and perfects our faith? Would I be less fearful of harm coming their way and more at peace knowing that even if they walk through the valley of the shadow of death, Jesus would be there with his rod and staff to comfort them? {Psalm 23} How would this change the way I love my children?

What if I really believed my husband belonged to the LORD and this marriage was built on borrowed time? Would I take to heart the idea that one should return something in better condition than when they received it? Would I be more apt to pay attention and be more protective of it? {Ephesians 5:21} How would this change the way I love my husband?

What if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt my mom belongs to the LORD? Would I wake up less worried about my responsibility to care for her knowing He is going to provide everything she needs? Would I be kinder, more gentle and less anxious about the future? {Matthew 6:25-27} How would this change the way I love my mom?

What if I believed my dreams and the things I’m good at are truly gifts that have been given to me by God and for God? Would I be less concerned about what’s next and more likely to stay present in the now? {James 1:17-18} How would this change the way I love others?

Scripture is meant to reach every part of our lives because every word of God drips of his loving kindness and is reflective of who He is. Our goal in approaching scripture is to know God and through our understanding become more reflective of Him. How would this change the way I love God?

Allow me to encourage you today friends by inviting you to inventory those parts of your life where you are not at peace and apply this question to each. What if? What if that thing, that person, that relationship, that situation belonged to God and was authored by him? Would you hold on a little less tightly and give yourself permission to step back and see what He wants you to see?

This is my prayer for all of us today.

May the Lord, in His infinite kindness, grant you the peace of knowing he is with you and for you.


The Earth is the Lord's

4 thoughts on “What Would Happen If We Realized Everything Is On Loan?

  1. Denise Hellinga says:

    Thank you for this encouragement and challenge Suzie. It’s going to sting but I’m going to carry it in my heart anew today.

  2. Kaitlyn Derentz says:

    This was exactly the challenge and reminder my heart needed today. Thank you!!!! Always love your thoughts, and your heart!

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