First Comes Love


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Everyone wants to know they have a purpose in life. We all want to know what our gifts are and we all want to be useful to someone or some thing greater than ourselves.

In fact, research shows people with a high sense of purpose and direction in life also enjoy a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Beyond having a purpose, we all want and need to feel valued by others.  Almost every woman I speak with who is walking through the shards of glass from broken relationships is hurt because she doesn’t/didn’t feel valued.

We want to be fully known. Completely loved. Fully welcomed. 

It’s not that being alone is necessary painful, it’s feeling alone that hurts.

On Monday, I wrote about our deep need to belong and how God has called us… you and I to belong to Him.  That if we knew and understood this invitation to become a part of Him, things might be different.

When I go to party, a conference or any type of gathering with a lot of people, I feel better…more confident when I have a job to do.  I like to help, but when I offer to help  with dishes or putting out food, it’s because I’m slightly insecure and want something to do so I can feel better about being there.

A couple of years ago, Steve and I went to a conference in Las Vegas and we only knew one person there.  Our friend was running the conference so we couldn’t really hang out with him. There I realized how much I hide behind my work and my cohorts who are much more outgoing than I am.  One of the goals of the conference was to connect people who shared ideas but it was painful for me to do so because I just had to be.  Without anything to do.

Call it a coincidence of writing, but I think like every syllable penned in what we hold as the words breathed out by God, Paul meant something when he addressed the church in Rome:  loved by God and called to be saints.

First comes love, then comes the calling.

What we are set apart for, the job he has called us to do, the people He has given us to lead, who He has called us to be was decided before the foundations of the earth.  But what God wants you and I to know is His love for us takes priority over the work He has for us.

Who we are ought to be established in His love for us, not anything else.

Beloved child of the Most High…Be loved.

“Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.” ~ Deuteronomy 33:12.


6 thoughts on “First Comes Love

  1. Jessica Patay says:

    This is so beautiful Suzie. After SO many years of walking with the Lord, I still have so much to learn and take in about His love FOR ME. And if I fully understood and inhaled it, I may be able to let go of perfectionism.
    Thank you for today.

  2. joy says:

    Suzie, you inspire me and remind me of how beautiful and wonderful our God’s love is for us! I have been reminded lots over the last few months that sometimes God just wants us to sit and watch and wait while He shows us how He is going to love on us in this very moment and every moment going forward – resting in His love and provision, that is truly when I am amazed and surprised by just how He knows how to fill my heart and bring peace to my soul. That is an amazing kind of love!!

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