Proverbs 2: Praying for our Sons {Day 9}

Artwork by Starr Pappagalo

Artwork by Starr Pappagalo

The hardest thing about parenting for me is remaining immovable with the ups and downs of their emotions, phases and behaviors. Especially as they are finding their own way, trying to understand who they are, who God is and discover for themselves what it looks like to love and serve God.

The key word for me in Proverbs 2:9 is “then.”

We certainly have a due diligence as parents to teach, impart and lead our kids but this word “then” is indicative of what is out of our control no matter how hard we try.

Then you will understand what is right and just
    and fair—every good path.

In fact throughout this Proverb you will find the word “then” and it’s important we don’t view these sentences as formulas but as conditional statements. The love of God is certainly unconditional but his promises and benefits can certainly be conditional.

Understanding what is right, just and fair; understanding the fear of the Lord {Proverbs 2:5} and really the text in verses 9 through the end of Proverbs 2 states the protection, understanding, knowledge and freedom available to all of us is received under the conditions of verses 1-9 when we receive, treasure, turn our ears and call out for insight and understanding of God Himself.

A wise friend once told me that when you are laying awake at night, asking God to give you a word or sign of encouragement, it’s helpful if He has something to work with. When we pursue the word of God we begin to understand who God is and how he deals with his people. When we talk with God and practice listening, we will more likely actually hear from Him. God is always at work and always moving regardless of what we do.  However, if we posture ourselves to turn towards Him, we will more likely see Him moving among us.

Friends, we can do all the right things as parents and yet if our kids don’t fall on their faces before God on their own terms then they will never fully receive all He has for them.

Today let’s begin with the “ifs” before we get to the “thens.”

Let’s once again… and this is NEVER redundant, pray they seek him, call out for him and turn their hearts and ears towards the things of God.

Let’s give thanks that due to God’s mercies being new every morning, the opportunity is endless and available to them each day.

Let us also pray for the “thens” to come by way of freedom received by God himself and not behavior modification or a simple desire to do the right thing. Let’s pray that our kids wholeheartedly would desire to please God because they have fallen in love with Him and their obedience, their choices, their pursuits are because they themselves will want to live as image bearers of the most High God, knowing they are His beloved and He is theirs.

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